Punting in Cambridge

 I've been spending a lot of time in Cambridge and Oxford over the last few weeks, mainly because as part of my summer job I'm required to regularly give a tour of these cities to large groups of international teenagers. This is quite ironic, seeing as I've never actually been to these places before, but after some learn to wing it (with a map, a sense of humour and inflated false confidence). After I've shown them the main sights, I'm free to explore, and I so I headed straight for the river to check out the famous tradition. There is something quite romantic about punting, breezing along the river, ferrying passengers to and fro, having a beer. I could have watched from that bridge all day. 


  1. I'd love to go punting, it looks like so much fun. I genuinely thought the first photo was Venice! You're braver than me in being a tour guide, I'd get stage fright! xxx

  2. Haha, I do still get stage fright sometimes! It's a fun job though, gives you that 'summercamp feeling' you get as a teenager, when everything is still exciting! Punting looks brilliant fun, I want to go back and try it properly..maybe on a quieter day in the autumn though, without all the tourists..xx

    1. Tourists are a pain. And in autumn the tress will be a lovely colour xxx