My favourite day of the year has to be my birthday, as self-centred as that sounds! Though it can feel unnerving to get older I place a large importance on marking them as an occasion, probably passed on from how brilliant my parents were at making me and my siblings feel so special on that one day a year. When I get the chance I try and do the same for those closest to me, there's nothing quite like being spoilt even if it's just a muffin with a candle in it, or a scribbled homemade card, it all counts. Even after all these years I was definitely touched by the little details. My parents still wrap up anything, even if its a keyring or something lying around they thought I would like. It's become a bit of a joke over the years, and I always expect the kind of free merchandise that you get on planes and from companies they represent! Year after year they write me a message in a funny card and arrange everything so beautifully that I just melt.

 This year I was twice as lucky, treated to cake in the garden, bubbly on the beach and dinner at a beautiful little restaurant in Vieux Nice. After blowing out my candles we ended the evening by visiting Fennocchio's ice-cream parlour and buying some wacky flavours to eat by the boats. All in all, a wonderful day...and I'm so grateful to my family, friends and boyfriend for being so sweet! 


  1. Happy birthday! The bubbly on the beach looks amazing, your parents have done a great job with the card and table arrangement! I hope you had a fantastic day (sounds like it!) xxx

  2. Aw thank you! x Yeah, it was super lovely! For ages I had dreamt about having champagne on the beach and never got around to it, so it was a really cool surprise! Now I just have to think of ways to return the favour:)