Portobello Market

Just a few of the treasures to be found at Portobello market on a Sunday. I just know that if I lived in London I would turn into a market junkie, spending hours rifling through old photographs,books and accessories  attempting to make the difficult choice between a thousand beautiful and tacky pieces, some intentionally discarded, some rescued from unappreciation. I have already had to restrain myself from buying two peculiar paintings and a hilarious bow-tie I would probably never have the courage to wear. It's so fascinating that you can find this eclectic mix of old and new all jumbled together in one place. I simply can't wait to go back!   

The Way

Last bank holiday weekend we decided to make the most of the good weather and explore the beautiful area of Richmond in London. As soon as I stepped off the tube I felt like I had left the city behind and entered a secluded country village surrounded by rolling fields and thick woodland. After an unnecessarily gluttonous picnic we went for a walk and came across this beautiful and mysterious gate that looked like something straight out of a fairytale. I wonder if it leads to narnia..or the enchanted forest.. 


Cherry Blossom

As I wandered past a bustling outdoor bar, I noticed the setting sun glinting through a nearby cherry blossom tree and so I climbed up and took this shot. Its warmth combined with the delicate pink petals was incredibly beautiful and left me feeling a bit awestruck. 



I had a field day in Brick Lane last week, stunned by the many beautiful works of art to be found on every corner. They truly add so much to the environment, a splash of colour and clever shapes that evoke so many thoughts and convey interesting concepts. What I particularly like about street art is that it's not confined to the conformity of an art gallery space, instead free to transcend boundaries and cleverly use the physical environment as its fluid canvas. This quality alone makes it much more accessible to the general public, taking art outside its comfort zone so to speak. I quite like the style of the work pictured above, the expressions split but the emotions working together. 



Is there anything more romantic than a rowboat for two? While exploring Richmond at the weekend I found these two enjoying a quiet moment together, away from land and all its distractions.  

The Magician

The Magician's attempts to outwit time. //Seen in Brick Lane