I love the tradition of love locks. It represents the commitment and shared intimacy that only two can have a key to. Just like graffiti hearts, its simply another way to try and leave a physical mark that your love ever existed which I find incredibly sweet. I spotted these on a bridge in Uppsala and couldn't help but wonder where the owners are now and if they're still together.




There is a beautiful graveyard just outside my building that I usually take a detour to walk through on my way to class. (Not because i'm morbid, but because I really like its atmosphere, however bizarre that might seem.) Theres so much love there if you look around.  The epitaphs are poetic and sweet and I always see people kneeling to light candles and whisper to their loved ones beneath. 
It's also a nice reminder of our own mortality which I think is important to be exposed to sometimes.
I was walking by one afternoon after a particularly heavy snowfall which highlighted the details of railings and the shapes of trees. 


 I found the perfect little perch to read on, just near the doorway of the village church. The light comes in at obtuse angles and the earthy colours are so relaxing.