As I passed by the shipyard, sailors loaded cargo onto boats bound for Iran. I was mesmerized by the hub of activity and the design of the boats themselves. They looked like a bohemian paradise, with rickety planks and bits of wood painted green, blue and red. I wondered what it would be like to be a sailor and how they felt about life at sea. It can't be easy or comfortable, but I'm sure it's never dull. 


On Saturday we spent the afternoon at an airfield, having a lazy lunch and watching our friends fly. I became slightly obsessed with photographing these gorgeous jet planes, lifesize versions of toys I once had. 


 I always request a window seat when I travel because its so cool to be able to see the world from such great heights. Its surreal to see entire cities,islands, and other diverse landscapes and I love that it still gives me a thrill after all these years. One of my favourite stretches is over the Alps on the way to France, this plethora of snow-capped peaks, many completely unexplored and untouched. 


Mysterious beauty

 I was walking around Adliya one afternoon and found these advertisements for a beauty salon painted on a wall. I quite like the colours and expressions and lack of script, it's all rather mysterious. 


Two friends

Two friends far from home and free from the mundane, share captured moments against the evening sun.


 I noticed the intensity of emotion behind her eyes as she stared in admiration at her master. 



 I adore this light in the living room.. it reminds me of an insect, a rare and intricate looking beetle. It's the perfect backdrop to our cosy evenings inside, cracking nuts and eating homemade tiramasu.  


We went for a wintery walk in Cannes yesterday, in need of some fresh air. Arm in arm, we dodged the foam as it rose up the beach and admired the criss-cross texture of the sand. 


Hiking around Sweden's beautiful and delightfully secluded beaches. 



The workers laid down for a rest in between loading cargo, whistling at women as they walked by.



The corrugated iron stall bearing goods served as a beacon on an otherwise dark arabian night.  

Orange Hues

A Bahraini sunset is not to be missed with its pure orange hues ranging from amber to vermillion. 


Working day

A snapshot into another kind of working day, I watched these men sew in a tiny workshop in the streets of Bur Dubai. 



Curious means of transportation. I wonder what the owner is like..