While walking around Grasse I found a beautiful, dilapidated courtyard. Paint peeled from the walls and shutters were a mix of olive green, dark grey and royal blue. The concrete was patchy and uneven, signs of a rich history. It had quite the atmosphere. 



Lately the weather has been beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I face that all too familiar internal struggle of attempting to balance study and sunshine in those final bittersweet weeks of term. Naturally sunshine wins out as the stronger contender, magnetically pulling me down to the riverside with my friends.  There is something incredibly special about the riverside in Uppsala. It serves as a haven for locals to celebrate the end of a harsh winter and embrace the long days that accompany spring and summer by spending some quality time there. My friends and I regularly laze about on the deck, eating sandwiches, discussing this weeks latest gossip, planning our summer. We like it so much we even came down at night and had shots of chocolate tequila once! Uppsala is a small city (it's more of a tiny town) but one with a big heart and simple pleasures like this one. It has really taught me to appreciate the little things, and for that I am forever indebted.  



Dublin street scene /daily walk to college. 


 I like the unevenness of the buildings, their chapped appearance and boxy shape. My childhood home was somewhat similar with its cracked walls and concrete balconies. They eventually bulldozed it and replaced it with a more robust and modern structure, which saddens me as I now long for a place that no longer exists.