Ship Shape

I love ships!  If I had the choice I would spend my life at sea, eating biscuits, catching fish, wearing stripes (the entire cliché would be brilliant). I blame this fascination on my parents, who continue to enthusiastically decorate our house with a nautical theme. 
There must be something so exciting and free about having a boat, being able to set off into the horizon anytime you feel like it, having complete agency over one's own travel. The geographical possibilities are endless, as is the supply of fresh seafood.. it must be fabulous! 
It's fun to hang out by the sea in Skeppsholm in Stockholm and watch the proud owners of ships moor their boats in the sunshine, wondering where they have been and where they are headed next. The boats themselves are stunning creations, a harmony of wooden planks, steel poles and tightened ropes, they evoke the inevitable drama of the sea. I imagine the lines being pulled to adjust the wind pressure, the sails being rigged to change directions in a storm, the lifeboats prepared for the worst. There is no adventure without risk, as they say, and what could be more risky or adventurous than living life at sea! One can dream..


  1. That ship is so beautiful!!

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