Let's Dance

In my opinion, the best thing about big cities is their spontaneity. The relative anonymity they provide seems to spur people to act free from the lasting judgement of social constraints and behave a little bit more compulsively.  Each day that I walk around capital cities like Stockholm or London I inevitably get approached by quirky strangers or witness amusing or carefree behaviour and I love it! If you ask me, spontaneity is the true spice of life. 

Last Sunday was no exception when I was walking around Sรถdermalm with Nui. We spotted a jazz band consisting of three dapper gentlemen playing an infectious tune and stopped to listen for awhile.  Suddenly a couple of girls with matching outfits jumped into the centre of the crowd, twirling, waltzing and swinging to the music, laughing like school kids. I really admired their confidence and sense of fun, not to mention their stunning black jackets. 

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