Nydala is the name of a lake in the city of Umeå in Sweden. Before I moved there I looked at the map and pinpointed the apartment building closest to it. Funnily enough, my friends  did the same and thus it was Nydala that brought us all together. Barbeques, sunsets, northern light displays, skinny dipping, sunrises, and long walks ensued.. 


  1. True story! I didn't check any other apartments after I figured that Mariehem was closest. Then, at the first day when the bus suddenly took the wrong direction and gave a free tour through the area, all doubts disappeared. Still this smell of Nydala when I see hot dogs at the supermarket ;)

  2. I know, we were so lucky to live there! :) I'm reminded of it every time I see bacon (after that time we wrapped it around the bread and toasted it) We should buy a house there one day!