One of the best things about spring is the imminent arrival of duckings. Cute, fluffy, feathered and bemused, they provide endless enjoyment and warm the hearts of everyone everywhere. Never has the presence of ducklings failed to put a smile on my face, they're brilliant! 

This year, every time I was lucky enough to see them I never had my camera with me, until bang, right in the middle of summer when I found some late bloomers! I was having lunch in the park when they wandered over, waddling in their characteristically amusing fashion. They were simply adorable, one minute huddling next to their mother and the next running off in search of adventure. 

I think it's their mix of vulnerability and curiosity about the world that makes them so endearing..(that and their perpetual fluffiness) 

 I just wanted to pick them up and take them home with me! 

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