Details of home

There is nothing I love more than coming home after being away for awhile. My family tend to spread out in all directions due to our varying work and life commitments, so this feeling is one we know all too well. Our house in Cork is like a base where we all meet from time to time, a familiar, cosy and wonderful haven bursting with memories and links to our past. Each piece of furniture, knick knack or painting has a story and they have all come to deeply represent the essence of what I call 'home'. Thanks to my mum's dedication - Swedish design dominates, with hints of Ireland and of course, the Middle East. I realized it's the little details you grow used to that make all the difference, be it in my case the playfully colorful glass, soft rugs, fake tulips or arabian coffee pots, they are the sum of what makes any house a home. 

It was a lovely stay, and I was sad to leave my parents as usual.  Moving to London as a new graduate is my next chapter, I hope it will be as exciting as I think it will be! Home, sweet,'s been wonderful, see you next time! x


  1. Haha, we have that Ostindia china too! (the blue patterned one)

  2. ah cool! I love that design, it's so old-fashioned Swedish!

  3. I saw this on my feed and I can't believe I didn't comment! Are the flowers fake? They look great! I love those horses as well, I'm sure I've seen them elsewhere. I love coming back home after London, it is doubly relaxing! xxx

  4. Thanks Becca! I know what you mean, London is so busy it can be nice to escape sometimes! That being said...I just got here...I'm going to peruse your blog for London exploring ideas! yup fake flowers everywhere since we always forget to water the real ones! They are Dala horses that originated as a traditional toy for kids and now act as sort of a 'symbol' of Sweden, so I'm sure you've seen them around the place! :) xx