I love Siamang Gibbons! Aside from the fact that they resemble us so closely, their dextrous arms and quick reflexes allow them to swing from branch to branch with incredible ease and agility. Honestly it looks like so much fun, I'm inspired to take up climbing lessons. Apparently they can even swing up to fifteen feet in just one move, which is really impressive! 

They are truly beautiful to watch, and it saddens me to learn that 80% of their habitats in Sumatra, Malaysia and Thailand have been destroyed due to the booming palm oil industry. I really hope governments start to realize that the sooner we prioritize the protection of wildlife, the more chance we have at ensuring the balance of our ecosystem.(Hopefully before it's too late.)

I applaud the work of national parks and conservation centres around the world who make a joint effort to breed and protect endangered species like this one, they really make a difference. The world would certainly be a poorer place without the presence of these fellows! I watched them playfully clamber around the place at Fota Wildlife Park while ducks splashed about in the stream. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! 

*fun facts* They have no tails. Since their arms are always busy swinging around the place, they like to carry things with their feet. They also have a special throat sac that amplifies their call, which can be heard up to two miles away.(That would be useful) Apparently they mate for life and regularly sing duets with their partner in order to maintain their bond and establish territorial boundaries. (You know what they say...couples that sing together, stay together!) 

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