Busy bees

When I first got my new camera, I was at home in Cork for a few days with my parents and so I made use of their beautiful garden by testing out the new settings on all the flowers. All the bees were happily at work extracting pollen and it was fascinating to watch their meticulous process. I used to be terrified of bees until I realized how harmless they are, and especially how important they are to balancing our ecosystem. Without bees not only would we not have any honey (and who wants that) but we wouldn't have any fruit or grain crops either as they act as pollinators which are essential to crop production. It's amazing that these little guys literally facilitate most of what we eat every day! Governments are slowly becoming aware that agricultural policies that allow certain pesticides to be used are having a hugely destructive effect on the honeybee, as is the conversion of wild land into domestic and urban uses. Hopefully the more the public becomes aware that pretty much everything we eat is at stake, then more pressure can be placed on them to act sustainably. Long live the honeybee! 

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