For Brendan

This is one of my favourite places on earth, the peaceful Dun Laoghaire pier in South Dublin. It's always been the perfect spot to go for a run, a talk between friends or a first date. In the summer the creamiest ice-cream is sold at either end which serves as motivation for those not physically inclined. 
For hundreds of years people have walked, ran, rollerbladed and laughed their way up and down it and it's somewhere you always return to when in the area. My uncle Brendan was one of those people, he adored the pier and would regularly spend his time there. 
This photo was taken two years ago on the day of his funeral when I walked it with my parents. Whenever I am there I always picture him walking briskly with his hands clasped behind his back, an aura of serenity and optimism about him.

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